Estimating Market Value Of Debt

book value of debt formula

That includes share blocks held by institutional investors and restricted shares. Mathematically, book value is the difference between a company’s total assets and total liabilities.

book value of debt formula

People who have already invested in a successful company can realistically expect its book valuation to increase during most years. However, larger companies within a particular industry will generally have higher book values, just as they have higher market values. That may justify buying a higher-priced stock with less book value per share.

The investor must determine when to use the book value, market value, or another tool to analyze a company. The stock market assigns a higher value to most companies because they have more earnings power than their assets. It indicates that investors believe the company has excellent future prospects for growth, expansion, and increased profits.

That number is constant unless a company pursues specific corporate actions. Therefore, market value changes nearly always occur because of per-share price changes. If XYZ Company trades at $25 per share and has 1 million shares outstanding, its market value is $25 million. Financial analysts, book value of debt formula reporters, and investors usually mean market value when they mention a company’s value. When we divide book value by the number of outstanding shares, we get the book value per share . Outstanding shares consist of all the company’s stock currently held by all its shareholders.

Book Value On A Balance Sheet

Banks carry higher amounts of debt because they own substantial fixed assets in the form of branch networks. If a company has a negative D/E ratio, this means that the company has negative shareholder equity. In other words, it means that the company has more liabilities than assets. In most QuickBooks cases, this is considered a very risky sign, indicating that the company may be at risk of bankruptcy. For instance, if the company in our earlier example had liabilities of $2.5 million, its D/E ratio would be -5. At a fundamental level, gearing is sometimes differentiated from leverage.

The maturity, on the other hand, would be equal to the weighted maturity of the mortgage. However, the calculation of the Market Value of debt provides an accurate representation of the true value of the debt, as it takes into consideration both cash and debt that a firm owns. The shareholder equity ratio is used to get a sense of the level of debt that a public company has taken on. A higher D/E ratio may make it harder for a company to obtain financing in the future.

book value of debt formula

To find the value of an old book, check which edition it is on the copyright page. The oldest editions are usually worth more than recent ones, but first editions are the most valuable. While a WACC analysis is highly useful in understanding the cost of funding a project, it relies on assumptions. It is possible to adjust risk by figuring the differing risk into the company’s beta. New projects sometimes require taking on risks outside of a company’s current scope, resulting in the need to adjust risk in the WACC. The reverse is going to be true if the current rate of interest is less than the company’s interest rate. This helps the company evaluate future investments and projects and support various vital decisions.


$118 billion is the same figure reported as total shareholders’ equity. Breaking down the WACC is a great way to determine the impact that both debt and equity have on the company’s financing. The capital structure is an important analysis area to determine how a company grows, debt, or equity. With interest rates, the lowest they’ve been, ever….understanding the market value of debt and its impact on its growth is a key component to valuation and finding the “right” discount rate. Along with its use to determine the cost of capital, analysts also use it in the enterprise value ratios such as EV/EBITDA.

  • Instead, many companies own debt that can be classified as non-traded, such as bank loans.
  • Assets such as buildings, land, and equipment are valued based on their acquisition cost, which includes the actual cash cost of the asset, plus certain costs tied to the purchase of the asset, such as broker fees.
  • The EV/Sales ratio provides the analyst the relationship between sales and the cost of buying the company.
  • Alternatively, it is the cost of replacing the debt if the company were to replace it with new debt.
  • By observing the difference in the firm’s equity value at different points in time, one can better evaluate the effectiveness of financial decisions.

However, when applying the concept more broadly, the effect of depreciation may not apply to all assets. Additional factors like shareholder equity and debt may also have to be accounted for when assessing the book value of an entire company. P/B ratio below the market averages may indicate that a firm is undervalued and represents a buying opportunity.


Because your tax rate is 40%, that means you end up paying $40 less in taxes. But you don’t have to be a hedge fund manager or bank to calculate your company’s cost of debt. Businesses calculate their cost of debt to gain insight into how much of a burden their debts are putting on their business and whether or not it’s safe to take on any more. Cash Flow From Operations is a better valuation metric than profits because it is unaffected by accounting entries such as depreciation and amortization, or cash flows from financing or investing activities. Both companies have a 5 billion dollar market capitalization but Company A has an EV of 9 billion and Company B an EV of 3 billion.

book value of debt formula

At the same time, the importance of accurately quantifying cost of equity has led to significant academic research. There are now multiple competing models for calculating cost of equity. However, unlike our overly simple cost-of-debt example above, we cannot simply take the nominal interest rate charged by the lenders as a company’s cost of debt. That’s because the cost of debt we’re seeking is the rate a company can borrow at over the forecast period. That rate may be different than the rate the company currently pays for existing debt. If the market value of is not readily observable (i.e. for a private company), estimate equity value using comparable company analysis.

Calculating Cost Of Debt: An Example

Price to Book Value is generally preferred metric for financial companies, banks etc. This is because due to regulations they have to mark to market their assets regularly and hence their book value accurately reflects the market value of their assets. This is not true for other companies and hence price to book value becomes an essential metric while comparing financial companies. If a firm has extra cash income summary on hand it may choose to buy back some of its outstanding shares. One interesting aspect of such transactions is that they can be based on information that the firm has that the market does not have. Therefore, a share buyback could serve as a signal that the share price has potential to rise at above average rates. The total value of a firm is the sum of the value of its equity and the value of its debt.

The calculation of the WACC usually uses the market values of the various components rather than their book values. Applying the WACC to the estimated rate of return for new projects and ventures bookkeeping is a simple way to determine if a project is sufficiently profitable to offset the cost of financing. The capital asset pricing model is a useful tool in estimating the cost of equity.

Equity Risk Premium Erp

In this scenario, the market is giving investors an opportunity to buy a company for less than its stated net worth. The examples given above should make it clear that book and market values are very different. Many investors and traders use both book and market values to make decisions. There are three different scenarios possible when comparing the book valuation to the market value of a company.

The more optimistic the investors are about the firm’s future growth, the greater its price to book value ratio. Financial RatiosA firm’s performance can be evaluated using various financial ratios. Ratios are used to measure leverage, margins, turnover rates, return on assets, return on equity, and liquidity. Additional insight can be gained by comparing ratios among firms in the industry. From the perspective of investors and lenders, debt-equity ratio affects the security of their investment or loan.

Why Is The Book Value Of Debt Required To Be Converted To Market Value?

Both book and market values offer meaningful insights into a company’s valuation. Comparing the two can help investors determine if a stock is overvalued or undervalued given its assets, liabilities, and ability to generate income. Like all financial measurements, the real benefits come from recognizing the advantages and limitations of book and market values.

The cost of capital, particularly on the equity side, are made through identifying the risk of this particular project compared to other projects that could be invested in. These opportunity costs will change over time, which may also change the cost of funding . When it comes to projecting the cost of capital, it’s useful to assess some of the external factors that may influence the overall cost. The “weighting” varies based on how the company finances its activities. If the value of a company’s debt exceeds the value of its equity, the cost of its debt will have more “weight” in calculating its total cost of capital than the cost of equity.

Why Calculate Market Value Debt?

‘Debt’ is the book or market value of interest-bearing financial liabilities such as debentures, loans, redeemable preference shares, bank overdrafts and finance lease obligations. Carrying value or book value is the value of an asset according to the figures shown in a company’s balance sheet. Carrying value is calculated as the original cost of the asset less any depreciation, amortization, or impairment costs. In the financial industry , a similar concept is equity to total assets (or equity to risk-weighted assets), otherwise known as capital adequacy.

What Is ‘cafe 125’ On A W2 Tax Form?

adp cafeteria plan

D. Distribute the portion of excess contributions and income to each HCE identified in step two using the ratio leveling method, then dollar leveling method. A. Determine the total amount of excess contributions that the plan must distribute. When a plan changes from current year to prior year testing, NHCEs contributions are likely to be double counted. B. The plan is the result of aggregating two or more plans and each of the aggregated plans used current year testing for five plan years before the year of the change . A. The plan isn’t the result of aggregating two or more plans and used current year testing for five plan years before the year of the change .

Currently 65 and 2 months, the age at which retirees may receive unreduced social security benefits. An employer-funded arrangement under which the employer reimburses an employee and the employee’s spouse and dependents for medical care expenses up to a maximum dollar amount for the coverage period. The earliest age at which social security retirement benefits can be received – currently age 62. Individual company retirement plans may provide for benefits at an earlier retirement age. A group of key or highly compensated employees in a company whose proportion of benefits is limited under the qualification requirements of certain benefit plans (e.g. 401K or 125 plans).

adp cafeteria plan

A POP provides a cost-effective alternative to satisfy an employer’s legal obligation when offering a pre-tax option for employer-sponsored benefits such as group insurance, or a Health Savings Account . Unused funds with “use it or lose it” FSAs stay with the employer at the end of the plan year or when an employee leaves the company.

In certain circumstances, you may need to interview employees who make or fail to make elective contributions to see if they get any special treatment from the employer. Plans don’t use the permissible withdrawal amounts in the ADP test or to determine IRC 402 elective deferral limits.

In Melvin’s Defined Benefit Plan, The Actuary Noted That Life

The ACA requires that in addition to plan documents and the SPD, large employers ― those with 50 or more employees or full-time equivalents also provide a summary of benefits and coverage . It’s more in-depth and is required to be provided in the language of your workers so they can make the correct health care choices.

  • The definition of compensation in IRC 414 references IRC 415, which includes elective deferrals (IRC 415).
  • Most Fringe Benefits are not subject to income tax because they are either specifically excluded by law, or paid for by the employee.
  • If a plan sponsor fails either test, they have 12 months to correct the discrimination.
  • Traditionally, POP plans have been used in combination with employer-sponsored group health insurance plans.

The employee designates irrevocably at the time of their cash or deferred election as Roth contributions that they’re making in lieu of all or a portion of the pre-tax elective contributions. The IRC 4979 payroll excise tax doesn’t apply to an EACA if the plan distributes excess contributions and excess aggregate contributions plus their earnings within 6 months (instead of 2 1/1 months) after the plan year end.

Employee Access

POPs can include a cash-out provision for employees electing not to receive coverage under the plan. The sole objective of a POP is to permit employees to pay their share of the premiums for certain health and welfare benefits with pre-tax salary reductions, rather than paying for these benefits with post-tax dollars. A section 125 cafeteria plan can be a great way for a small business owner to provide benefits while saving tax dollars and keeping their employees happy. However, we recommend that you work with a professional service to do this correctly and to reap the benefits while staying compliant. There are three kinds of documents typically provided with a section 125 pretax cafeteria plan. The plan document is a long-form description of what’s offered in the cafeteria plan.

After 2012, participants may directly roll over amounts which may not otherwise be distributable as an “in-plan Roth rollover.” B. The plan must state whether an employee who makes an affirmative election remains covered under the EACA. So, if a plan states that an employee who makes an affirmative election is no longer an EACA covered employee, then the employee isn’t required to receive the notice after he/she makes an affirmative election. B. The employee’s right to elect not to have elective deferrals made to the plan or to have deferrals made in a different amount than the default percentage.

Employee Benefits

While it is not entirely settled, it is possible that offering such plans in your cafeteria plan will take these policies outside the DOL safe harbor from ERISA. A payroll deduction plan is when an employer withholds money from an employee’s paycheck, most commonly for employee benefits and taxes. A wide variety of medical and child care expenses are eligible for reimbursement under a Section 125 cafeteria plan. As for medical items and treatments, dozens of eligible expenses can be reimbursed. As an added advantage, employees receive an effective raise without any additional cost to the employer. Since more participants in the plan equate to more tax savings for the employer, it is often suggested that the employer contributes to each employee’s plan to promote increased participation by those not yet in the Section 125 plan. To make a cafeteria plan a bit more understandable, we are going to focus this section on the benefits and drawbacks of cafeteria plans for both you and your employees.

adp cafeteria plan

A cafeteria plan allows for pre-tax salary deductions for health and other types of benefits. While cafeteria plans can incorporate several benefit components, it can also be as simple as a premium only plan . Employers must hire and partner with a qualified Section 125 third-party administrator, who can provide the most up-to-date documentation for plan setup and update the employer on the latest requirements necessary for compliance. A premium-only plan allows employees to pay their portion of insurance on a pretax basis. The flexible spending account version allows for out-of-pocket qualified expenses to be paid pretax, which is the style of the plan described above. Employees enrolled in a Section 125 plan can set aside insurance premiums and other funds pretax, which can then be used on certain qualified medical and child care expenses. Participating employees can save from 28% to 48% in combined federal, state, and local taxes on a variety of items that they typically already purchase with out-of-pocket post-tax funds.

Common Misconceptions Of Section 125 & Cafeteria Plans

We provide payroll, global HCM and outsourcing services in more than 140 countries. Whether you operate in multiple countries or just one, we can provide local expertise to support your global workforce strategy. This web site is owned and maintained by Steve Shorr Insurance, which is solely responsible for its content. This QuickBooks site is not maintained by or affiliated with Covered California, and Covered California bears no responsibility for its content. The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers that appear throughout this site belong to Steve Shorr Insurance, and cannot be used to contact Covered California, directly, unless specifically stated.

A POP merely a mechanism that permits participants to pay for qualified benefits on a pre-tax salary reduction basis. It is not, in and of itself, subject to ERISA, which is the law that requires distribution of SPDs. When you get the wrap document from the broker, read it over carefully to see that it correctly describes how your plans work. For example, is enrollment automatic or do participants need to file a form to apply?

Dependent Care Assistance Plan Fsa

The definition of compensation in IRC 414 references IRC 415, which includes elective deferrals (IRC 415). But, IRC 414 permits a plan to use a definition of compensation that excludes elective deferrals. Check the group of eligible employees to determine whether those who have satisfied the plan’s age and service requirements are allowed to make deferrals. Also, ask if any other benefits are contingent on an employee’s contribution to the CODA.

Cafeteria Plan Section : Features, Costs & Providers

Also, the deduction is tax exempt, but the refund is not, so they require different calculations. Format the refund category in your payroll system so taxes are applied only to the refund amount that was tax exempt. While the cafeteria plan has the tax advantages discussed above, the plan is still subject to the legal requirements in Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, including plan documentation.

A retirement plan that uses a formula (generally based on an employee’s salary and length of service) to calculate an employee’s retirement benefits and is not funded by employee contributions to the plan. Many small companies offer retirement benefit plans for their employees, but the IRS has several rules regarding how those benefits impact income taxes. One of the tools used to measure compliance is nondiscrimination testing. You mentioned that ADP took over or created an FSA after leaving Paychex? It would be highly unusual for a full FSA to not included language for the premium conversion to pre-tax benefits under the FSA and would not traditionally require a seperate POP plan document.

Additionally, the regulations include new guidance on how debit, credit and value cards can be used to pay for medical and other health care expenses. The way it works, is that your company signs up for a POP plan, with an authorized administrator – vendor, see the links below and on the sides, it’s often the same Insurance Company that your medical coverage is through, but it doesn’t have to be. The administrator-vendor sends you a kit and you distribute the forms and have each employee enroll.

Include any terminated employee who has more than 500 hours of service in the coverage test. Many plans require an employee to be employed on the last day of the plan year to receive an allocation of an employer nonelective contribution. This “last-day requirement” could cause the plan to fail coverage if it prevents employees from receiving a necessary allocation. The IRS requires employers to run Nondiscrimination Testing on certain retirement benefit plans in order to be compliant with ERISA and tax requirements. These tests assess the fairness of the retirement plans by ensuring that the benefits aren’t tailored to Highly Compensated Employees or key employees. The tests ensure that both the deferred wage and employer contribution mechanisms don’t unfairly benefit these individuals.

A plan could simplify matters by having just one default percentage, for example, 6%, with no increase. The default percentage under the QACA is limited so as not to exceed the limits of IRC 401, IRC 402 (determined with or without catch-up contributions in IRC 402 or IRC 402) and IRC 415. An escalator feature means that the plan periodically increases the amount of an employee’s compensation contributed to the plan, without the employee’s affirmative election, per plan terms. A change from a traditional safe harbor to a QACA, or vice versa. B. Can’t satisfy the ACP safe harbor without satisfying the ADP safe harbor.

If you have both W-2s and 1099s, you’ll find PDF files for both under the Reports tab. Up to four years of forms are available and each PDF file contains the most recent 1099 forms generated for your contractors. The 1099 forms are available 24 hours after ADP processes them. To verify amounts on a 1099, use the Earnings Record report for the appropriate calendar year and contractor.

Our goal is to help minimize your administrative burden across the entire spectrum of employment-related payroll, tax, HR and benefits, so that you can focus on running your business. This information is provided as a courtesy to assist in your understanding of the impact of certain regulatory requirements and should not be construed as tax or legal advice.

Inspect records to ensure each participant complies with the IRC 402 limit in effect for the year. B. Doesn’t affect other contributions included in the ADP test. Separate collective bargaining units within the same plan may be disaggregated, but are not required to be. If the CODA is nonqualified because it is part of an ineligible plan, then the entire plan is not qualified. A governmental plan (under IRC 414) meets requirements and , above. B. A sole proprietor – on the last day of the individual’s taxable year. The contribution is deducted from the partner’s distributive share of the partnership income.

The contractor includes the 1099-NEC information on personal, federal, state and, if applicable, local income tax returns. 1099-M Copy B – The copy of the 1099-MISC that you give directly to the contractor. The contractor includes the adp cafeteria plan 1099-MISC information on personal federal, state and, if applicable, local income tax returns. If you want to provide a year-end bonus to your employees, you may want to run an Off-Cycle Payroll after you run your regular payroll.

Author: Maggie Kate Fitzgerald

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Bringing POWER with SAFETY to India’s Electrical Professionals

SAFETY DIVISION is being built with a singular goal of building “A Society Free of Electrical Accidents”. Safety is paramount as YOU build INDIA’s Electrical Infrastructure and we are happy to play our role by providing the best of available technology. These products are already deployed Globally & have the biggest Market Shares in Key Developed Markets like JAPAN & UK to name a few.

Our Strategic Partners are not only Leaders in their Product Categories but have the capabilities to Research, Develop, Test & Produce Safety Products as per the needs of our Market. They build Intellectual Property by being first to Design and protect the same from ME to manufacturers by rolling out New Designs, learning from Customers & their Usage behaviors continuously.


guide to earth / ground resistance

This practical guide to earth / ground resistance testing contains procedures commonly practiced by electrical contractors, electricians and maintenance workers of power utilities.

The information given uses simple language for easy understanding by the users and it is intended to be an educational tool.

Specific procedures may vary with each task and must be performed by qualified people.

Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, LTD informs that this guide is not a substitute for any International, National or Local Standard, which should always be consulted in case of doubt.

Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, LTD is not liable for any claims, damages or losses, including property damage or personal injury incurred on this practical guide.

1. What is Earthing / Grounding?

The planet Earth’s top layer surface is covered with soil and rocks. This layer is usually associated with agricultural use or excavations for construction
foundations. Nonetheless it has an important electrical property, called conductivity (or low resistance) that forms an integral part of many modern day installations in industrial plants and utilities for a variety of reasons.

The Earth is a relatively poor conductor of electricity compared to conductors like copper or aluminum cables. However considering that the Earth’s mass is huge, it provides a large area for the flow of current, and thus resistance to current can be quite low with the result that the earth can be considered a good conductor.

In fact, the whole of the planet may thus be considered as an infinite conductor which is at reference (zero) potential. In Europe it is referred to ‘earth’ whilst in the USA it is called ‘ground’.

People are usually constantly in contact with earth, thus if they touch a charged object whose potential is different from earth, the resulting potential difference across the person will result in an electric shock.

The process of earthing consists of connecting together all objects that may
potentially become charged to the general mass of earth, so as to provide a path for fault currents and to create an equipotential on all objects as close as possible to the earth potential.

Exanple of Earth SystemIn short, an earthing system will
-prevent a potential difference between earth and earthed parts, hence eliminating the risk of shock and
-provide a low path resistance to fault currents thus ensuring that circuit protective systems (e.g. fuse, circuit breaker, residual circuit breaker) can operate.

Earthing/Grounding is thus an indispensable part of an electrical system to ensure it’s safety and integrity.

2. How earthing prevents electrical shocks and fault?

The internal live parts and outside metal chassis of electrical equipment are
insulated and provide protection against electrical shock by direct contact.
In case of an insulation fault, the equipment’s metal chassis potential becomes that of the supply voltage, and hence a potential difference with respect to ground (0V) is created. Thus if there is no proper earthing and protection, when a human being touches this chassis, as a result of the potential difference across the body, a current will pass from the chassis to earth via the human body causing a potentially lethal electric shock. (Human body can be also considered as a conductor with resistance of approx 1000 / 3000Ω)

Example of Electrical Shock

If the metal case is earthed, the fault current flow is divided. Thus the majority of the fault current flows through the earth protective conductor and into the ground since the earth path resistance is designed to be much lower than the resistance of the human body. (N.B. Current flow is inversely proportional to the resistance value). Thus only a small amount of harmless current flows through the body.

Automatic disconnection of the power supply is required where a risk of harmful physiological effects to a person may arise due to a fault as a result of the value and duration of a dangerous touch voltage.
The proper coordination and design of earth system (or fault impedance) together with the protective device (RCD, MCB, Fuse) will ensure the automatic disconnection of the power supply.

3. What is Earth resistance?

compose earth resistance:There are 3 combined elements that compose earth resistance:
1. Resistance of earth wire and the earth electrode
2. Contact resistance between the earth electrode and the ground
3. Ground resistance or better the earth resistivity intended as the characteristic of the earth.

Analyzing these 3 elements, the value of element

1. is normally very small and it can be ignored, but of element
2. varies depending on the material, shape and installed depth of the electrode. Meanwhile, the value of element
3. has the greatest effect on the earth resistance value.

The soil composition, temperature and moisture content all have an impact on the earth resistivity. The schematic below shows the effect of soil composition, temperature and moisture on earth resistance.

soil composition, temperature and moisture content

As a general rule, it is recommended that an earth electrode is placed as deep as possible into the ground, ideally in humid soil , to lower the earth resistance to a minimum level. In addition, the electrode should be installed where there is a stable temperature regardless of seasons change, i.e. below the frost line.

4. Earthing systems: applications

Earth systems are used in various ways. Their purpose is not limited to the
protection of life by providing a safe path for the escape of fault and leakage
currents as mentioned in Chapter 2.

For example, in case the insulation between the primary (6 to 22kV depends on country) and the secondary (100/ 230/400V depends on country) of a distribution transformer is degrading, a dangerous high voltage could appear on the secondary side. In such case, an electrical load connected to the secondary side will be damaged and will expose persons to electrical shock hazards and fire.

A common prevention measure is to connect one end of the secondary side of the distribution transformer to earth (System Earth). In this way, the high voltages can have a path to the ground and the low voltage on the secondary side is kept safe.
A circuit breaker sensitive to such faults, will be activated thus disconnecting the power line on the primary side.

However earthing systems are also used to prevent static electricity, for lightening rods, soundproofing purposes, etc. The below table shows some earthing applications.

table shows some earthing applications.

5. Principle of Earth resistance measurement

Most earth resistance testers carry out measurements based on the
“drop-of-potential” method.

A simple way to measure the earth resistance is to drive an auxiliary earth electrode C, into a point distant from the grounded earth electrode under test E. An AC voltage V is applied between the two electrodes, dividing the AC voltage applied by the current that flows between the electrodes E and C. The earth resistance value R is given by the formula:

However, the earth resistance value obtained, R, includes the earth resistances of electrode E under test but also the resistance of the auxiliary electrode C.

Earth resistance of E-C

When observing the potential distribution curve (in the above figure), a flat portion can be observed. This corresponds to the drop-of-potential due to the earth resistance of the earth electrode E.

In order to measure only the earth resistance of the electrode under test E, another auxiliary electrode P is driven into the ground between electrode E and C and a voltmeter is used to measure the potential across P-E , that is Vp.
Then the earth resistance RE value is given by the formula:

earth resistance RE value is given by the formula:

Electrodes such as P and C driven into the ground for measurement are called as auxiliary earth electrode. (Electrode P is called Potential electrode and C Current electrode.)

The reason why an AC current is used for earth resistance measurements is
because a DC current would cause a chemical reaction*, similar to water
electrolysis, with moisture in the soil and gradually blocking the flow of DC current.

* Bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen arise around electrodes.

The test current frequency employed by earth testers are frequency bands other than the commercial ones (16Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400 Hz) in order to reduce noise effects during testing.

Modern electronic earth testers are almost immune to noise effects by using
special hardware and software filters, including the automatic selection of the test current frequency.

6. Items necessary for Earth testing

The basic equipment for earth measurement is:
1. Earth tester,
2. Auxiliary electrodes (2 pcs) and
3. Test leads (3 pcs). In addition to these items, a simplified test probe
4. Cord reel for long test leads
5. 20m in length may be helpful.

7. Method for the Earth measurement of an earth electrode

Drive the auxiliary electrodes P and C into the ground on a straight line
from the earth electrode under test E spacing them a minimum of 5 to 10 meters. If this is not possible due to the presence of obstacles, the auxiliary electrode P should be positioned on a line not diverging more than 30 degrees from the line between the earth electrode E and the auxiliary electrode C.

-The ground into which the auxiliary earth electrodes are driven should be as humid as possible.
-High earth resistance of auxiliary earth electrode can impair the measurement accuracy, in such a case the Earth tester should indicate the problem. If the ground is gravel or sand, or if it is dry, a sufficient amount of water should be poured near the electrodes to ensure the ground has
sufficient humidity.
earth electrode E and the auxiliary electrode C-If the auxiliary earth electrodes cannot be driven into the ground, such as on
concrete surfaces, lay down the electrode on the ground and pour water or place a wet cloth on the electrode to ensure good contact.
-Measurements cannot be performed if the ground is asphalt since it is a sort of insulator and no current can flow on it.

8. Method for the Earth measurement of a large earthing system

For large sized earth systems, for example those formed by multiple earth electrodes on a wide area, some particular precautions are necessary.
First of all, the earth tester used shall have the highest test current as possible to ensure good accuracy on low resistance measurements that are typical for large earthing systems.

The driven auxiliary earth electrode C should be placed as far from the earthing system as practical, with this distance being at least equal to the estimated diagonal of the earthing system.

The auxiliary earth electrode P is then driven in at a number of points roughly on a straight line between the earthing system and C. The ensuing resistance readings should be logged for each of the points and then drawn on a curve of resistance vs. distance.

The correct earth resistance value is usually obtained from the flat part of curve. See the below figure.

correct earth resistance value

Notes and safety warnings:
-To obtain an ideal earth resistance curve at least 10 readings should be taken at equally spaced intervals.
– True resistance will be obtained where the curve flattens out (typically around the 62% of distance D).
-This method gives a correct value of earth resistance if the earth resisitivity and the soil conditions at the flat point do not vary at other points (assuming there are no other measuring errors).
-Localized reading deviations can be caused by buried metallic objects such as pipes or inhomogeneous soil around construction sites.
– If the curve obtained does not show a flat point, the measurements should be retaken placing the auxiliary earth electrode C at a further distance.
– If the expected earth resistance value is very low, say, lower than 1 or 2 ohms, it is recommended to use earth testers with higher test current since the higher test current creates a greater voltage drop that is more measurable.
-The earthing system under test has to be temporarily disconnected from the main installation. To avoid possible risk of electric shock while disconnecting the MEC (Main Earth Conductor), switch off the power supply prior to implementing the temporary measures. The power supply should only be restored after the temporary measures have been removed.

Example of earth resistance measurement in a construction site.

9. Simplified measurement with 2-pole measurement method

This method is useful when the auxiliary earth electrodes cannot be driven into the ground and when an estimation of earth resistance is acceptable. Thus instead of the auxiliary earth electrodes one uses existing earth systems (with a sufficiently low earth resistance) such as:

common earth for commercial power supply, buried metal pipes like main water pipe a lightning protection electrode on buildings

With this method, P and C terminals of the earth tester should be shorted together. Connect the P terminal to the existing earth system and E terminal to the earth electrode to be measured.

Then measure the earth voltage and also the earth resistance.
When using the simplified measurement method, the resistance re of the existing earth system to which P terminal is connected is added to the resistance Rx of the electrode under test E, and displayed as the measured result.

Re (measured value) = Rx + re

If the value of re is already known, deduct it from the measured value Re
to determine Rx value.

Rx= Re – re

Example of simplified measurement using the common earth of commercial supply.

Example of simplified measurement using the common earth of commercial supply

Notes and safety warnings:

-The earthing system under test must be far enough away from the earthing system of a commercial supply to be outside its sphere of influence.
-The earth resistance re is normally very low since the earthing system of a commercial supply is usually bonded to the earthing system of the other power transformers (so called common earth).
Given this situation the earth tester can be practically used to measure the resistance of a simple earthing system Rx.
-The MEC (Main earth conductor) has to be temporarily disconnected.
-To avoid possible risk of electric shock due to voltage difference between Main earth bar (MEB) and MEC / Earthing system and neutral conductor switch off the power supply prior to implementing the temporary measures. The power supply should only be restored after the temporary measures have been removed.

Main earth bar (MEB) and MEC / Earthing system and neutral conductor

Notes and safety warnings:

-The above figure illustrates the measurement of an earthing system in an installation where a metallic water pipe originating from an extensive underground system is available.
-The earth electrode under test must be far enough away from the water pipe to be outside its sphere of influence.
Therefore, under these circumstances, the reading obtained using the Earth tester will practically indicate the resistance of the simple earthing system Rx under test.
-The MEC (Main earth conductor) has to be temporarily disconnected.
-To avoid possible risk of electric shock due to voltage difference between Main earth bar (MEB) and MEC / Earthing system and metallic water pipe, switch off the power supply prior to implementing the temporary measures. The power supply should only be restored after the temporary measures have been removed.

10. Earth resistivity measurements

The most complete Earth testers offer also earth resistivity measurement, which is defined as the resistance of the soil/ground shaped as a cube of 1 x 1 x 1 meter (1m3).

Earth resistivity measurementsAs we already explained, Soil resistance value depends on the nature of the soil and the percentage of water contained in it.
The below figure shows the values of earth resisitivity for different soil types.

Soil resistance value depends on the nature of the soil and percentage of water contained.
Soil resistance value

The earth resistivity measurement is useful for soil surveys to establish the optimum design, depth and site location of earth electrode system. Such surveys are made, for example, when a new electrical generating station, substation, transmission tower, telecommunication station or tower is under construction. Without such surveys, extra cost of re-working electrode installations may be needed after the construction is finished.

The earth resistivity measurement may be used to indicate the degree of corrosion to be expected in underground pipelines for water, oil, gas, gasoline, etc. In general, corrosions tend to increase where there are spot areas with low resistivity values. This same kind of information is a good guide for installing cathodic protections for underground metallic pipelines.

Finally Earth resistivity measurements can be used conveniently for geophysical investigations.
For instance to locate minerals, clays, and water-bearing gravel beneath the earth’s surface, to determine depth to bed rock and thickness of glacial drift.

11. Principle of Earth Resistivity measurements

The earth testers designed for earth resisitivity measurement have 4 terminals and 4 auxiliary earth electrodes.

Principle of Earth Resistivity measurementsAccording to the Wenner 4-pole method, apply AC current “I” between the “E” (earth electrode) and “H(C)” (current electrode) to find out the potential difference “V” between the two potential electrodes “S(P)” and “ES”. To obtain the earth resistance “Rg (Ω)”, divide the potential difference “V” by AC current “I”; where the distance between electrodes is “a” (m). Then use the formula: ρ = 2 π x a x Rg (Ωm).

Regarding the connections, stick all the 4 auxiliary Earth electrodes into the ground at the same interdistance a [m]. Note: The depth should be 5% or less of a.

Connection for Earth Resistivity Measurenment

With advanced earth resisitivity testers, that use the above mentioned formula, the Earth Resistivity ρ measurement is automatically calculated and shown on the instrument display.

12. Measurement principle of Clamp Earth tester

Measurement principle of Clamp Earth testerAn earth clamp tester can be used for measuring the earth resistance of a single earth electrode if it is connected to a multiple-earth system, where many earth electrodes are connected in parallel.
This can be made without using any auxiliary earth electrodes and without disconnection of the single earth electrode from the rest of the installation.

Let’s regard earth resistance under test as Rx, and the other earth resistances as R1, R2, …Rn, see the below figure.
earth resistances as R1, R2

Normally in a distributed power line system as in the above figure, the earth electrodes R1, R2 Rn can be considered as resistors connected in parallel.
The total earth resistance (Rs) of this circuit will usually be very small compared to the resistance of a single earth electrode (Rx) because there are many electrodes in parallel.
Following is an equivalent circuit diagram of this circuit.

the earth electrodes R1, R2 Rn

voltage injection transformerIf we consider this equivalent circuit diagram, when the voltage injection transformer CT1 of the earth clamp meter induces a voltage V on the conductor joining the two resistances, a current I will flow through the conductor and the earth resistance Rx and Rs.

The amount of current I flowing is in inversely proportional to resistance R (combined resistance: Rx+Rs).
Such current can be measured by the detection current transformer CT2 and then the value of R can be obtained by Ohm’s low calculation.

The resultant R can be considered equal to the Rx under test since the Rs can be negligible enough against Rx.

Kyoritsu Earth Clamp Kew 4200/4202 are instruments that includes the voltage injection transformer CT1, the current detection transformer CT2 and all the necessary electronics for obtaining the measurement result in ohms.

13. Limits of Kew 4200/4202 Earth Clamp tester

Earth clamp tester Kew 4200/4202 cannot be used for earth measurements in following situations.

●Single earth systems (isolated from the other earth systems) like in many TT systems.
●Earth systems on which large fault current (over 2A) flows (This current can be checked by AC current range of our Kew 4200/4202)
●Earth systems with earth resistance values larger than 1500Ω
●When earth resistance under test is smaller than the total earth resistance (very rare case).

14. Practical applications of Earth clamp tester.

Illustrated below are applications where the earth clamp tester is most suitable to be employed.

Earth resistance measurement of a pole earthing electrode:
Earth resistance measurement of a pole earthing electrode

Earth resistance measurement of a pole earthing electrode in Railway:
Earth resistance measurement of a pole earthing electrode in Railway

Earth resistance measurement of an earthing electrode in a street lighting system:
Earth resistance measurement of an earthing electrode in a street lighting system

Earth resistance measurement of an earthing electrode in a lightning protection system:
Earth resistance measurement of an earthing electrode in a lightning protection system

Earth resistance measurement of a simple earthing system using the main water pipe:
Earth resistance measurement of a simple earthing system using the main water pipe

The above figure illustrates the measurement of an earthing system in an installation where a metallic water pipe originating from an extensive underground system is available. However the main earthing conductor (MEC) has to be temporarily disconnected and a temporary link between the water pipe and the earthing system introduced. (Refer to safety warnings below).

Therefore, under these circumstances, the reading obtained using the Earth Clamp indicates the resistance of the simple earthing system under test.

Safety Warnings!
To avoid possible risk of electric shock due to voltage difference between:
-Main earth bar (Meb) and Mec
-Earthing system and metallic water pipe
switch off the power supply prior to implementing the temporary measures. The power supply should only be restored after the temporary measures have been removed.

Earth resistance measurement of a simple earthing system using the Neutral conductor:
Earth resistance measurement of a simple earthing system using the Neutral conductor

The above figure shows a possible field application when a very low Ro is present. Ro is normally very low since the earthing system of a transformer is usually bonded to the earthing system of the other transformers.

Given this situation the Earth Clamp can be used to measure the resistance of a simple earthing system. However the Mec has to be temporarily disconnected and a temporary link introduced between the neutral conductor and the earthing system (Refer to safety warnings below).

Therefore, under these circumstances, the reading obtained using the Earth Clamp indicates the resistance of the simple earthing installation under test.

Safety Warnings!
To avoid possible risk of electric shock due to voltage difference between:
-Main earth bar (Meb) and Mec.
-Earthing system and neutral conductor
switch off the power supply prior to implementing the temporary measures. The power supply should only be restored after the temporary measures have been removed.

15. Work safely!!!

Your safety depends on the combination of the right tools and your safe Work Practices
Work safely

There is no tool that can guarantee your safety if you do not follow a safe work

Here are a few tips to help you in your work:
– Work on de-energized circuits (dead circuits) whenever possible.
– Use proper specific practices and procedures of Lockout/Tag out to safeguard against unexpected energisation or start-up of machinery or equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.
– If the above procedures are not in place or not enforced, consider the circuit as energized or “live”.
– On live circuits, use the following protective gear:
Wear insulated gloves.
Wear safety glasses or better, a face shield.
Use insulated tools.
Remove watches, bracelets or other jewellery.
Stand on an insulated mat or insulating footboard.
Wear specific flame resistant clothing.

Example of protective gears

16 Kyoritsu Earth tester Line-up

Earth testers
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ASCON Controls Department

We are using a Kyoritsu ac Clamp meter dual range 30A /150A model KEW SNAP/5 no I J1615,US PAT No: 0209.398, Type C50~,Japan.
The instrument is in use since 1964 .It is still working with great accuracy and we are proud of this meter.

-ASCON Controls Department