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  • Why Do we Choose Kyoritsu ?
    Products meets highest Standards for: Quality (Japanese) Reliability & Repeatability Durability Consistency in Accuracy Safetyle Description
  • Benefits of Kyoritsu Products?
    1. We assist customer by offering choice from a range of offerings Choose what’s BEST for your application needs & not what we have 2. The material & components that we use have very long MTBF and lower Deration - More Uptime Better ROI 3. Compliance to Safety standards IEC 61010-01 - 15-20% additional components are required for meeting Safety standards & yes we get the product CERTIFIED unlike many others 4. Compliance to EMC standards IEC 61557-1,2,4, IEC 61326-1 EMC 5. Across all our products some of the investments we do is to make the Product User Friendly - Remote control switch Probe: …more safety more productivity - Innovative Casing design: Safe Handling, No misplacement of loose cover, Use Cover for Tilt Viewing Angle - Innovative Accessories: Simple Prods make Testing simpler for USERS
  • Who is KEW India Instruments Pvt Ltd ?
    A Marketing Joint Venture with KEW Japan - Long Term Commitment of KYORITSU Brand in India A Channel Sales Company – Enable Partners to build on their Customer Relationship with KYORITSU’s Quality Offerings A Consumer Responsive Company - Build Local Support Infrastructure of Global Standards. Our Goal: Build Strong Channel Community serving our Customers & Build an “ELECTRICAL BRAND of CHOICE” for Skilled Personnel in India.
  • What are the benefits of KEW India ?
    1. Local Support through Nearest Channel 2. Ready Local Stock 3. Local Service & Accredited Calibration: Board Level repairs in Warranty/Post Warranty…increase cost to us but better TAT & thus better ROI 2020 Component Level repairs setup strengthening 4. Local INSIGHTS to R&D as we continue to invest in Innovation & Technology to provide you an upgraded experience: World’s fastest 1KV response Insulation Tester up to 40GΩ with Diagnostic Insulation Tests : PI, DAR with Bluetooth for easy communication Biggest Jaw True RMS Power Clamp Meter in Industry
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