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KEW 3128

  • Microprocessor controlled high voltage insulation resistance tester with Diagnostic functions.
  • Suitable for analyzing the insulation characteristics of cables, transformers, motors, generators, high-pressure switches, insulators, wiring installations, etc.
  • 6 ranges: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V, 12000V
  • Fine adjustment of voltage setting at each range is also possible
  • Graphic representation of the insulation resistance and leakage current versus time on large display with bar graph and backlight.
  • Can be operated from built-in rechargeable battery or from AC line.
  • Automatic discharge after test with monitoring of the discharge voltage.
  • Internal memory can store about 43,000 data (max).
  • Robust design for field use with IP64 rating (with lid closed).


  • CAT4 600V
  • Backlight
  • USB
  • AutoPowerOff
  • 500V
  • 1000V
  • 2500V
  • 5000V
  • 1KV~10KV
  • 12KV
  • External

Insulation resistance (*): Accuracy is not guaranteed with setting of 250V or less

Rated voltage500V1000V2500V5000V10000V12000V
Max measurement value500GΩ1TΩ2.5TΩ5TΩ35TΩ
Accuracy400k~50GΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt
800k~100GΩ 5%rdg±3dgt2M~250GΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt4M~500GΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt8M~1TΩ ±5%rdg±3dgt
10T – 35TΩ
Values are displayed, but accuracy isn’t guaranteed
Short circuit currentMax 5.0mA
Load resistor to output rated voltage0.5MΩ or more1MΩ or more2.5MΩ or more5MΩ or more20MΩ or more24MΩ or more

Output voltage

Rated voltage500V1000V2500V5000V10000V12000V
Monitor accuracy±10%±20V±10%±20V±10%±20V±10%±20V±10%±20V±10%±20V
Output accuracy0 – +20%0 – +10%0 – +10%0 – +10%-5 – +5%-5 – +5%
Selectable range50 – 600V
(in steps of 5V)
610 – 1200V (in steps of 10V)1225 – 3000V (in steps of 25V)3050 – 6000V (in steps of 50V)6100 –
10000V (in steps of 100V)
10100 – 12000V (in steps of 100V)

Voltage measurement

Measuring rangeDCV:±30 ~ ±600V、ACV:30 ~ 600V (50/60Hz)

Current measurement

Measuring range5.00nA – 2.40mA (Depending on the insulation resistance)

Capacitance measurement

Measuring range5.0nF ~ 50.0μF
5.0nF – 1.0µF (display range: 5.0nF – 50.0µF) (10000V/12000V)


Applicable standardsIEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V Pollution degree 2,
IEC 61010-031, IEC 61326, IEC 60529 (IP64): with the lid closed.
Operating temperature & humidity range-10ºC – Relative humidity 85% or less
50ºC /(when operating with an external power supply, no condensation)
0ºC – 40ºC /Relative humidity 85% or less
(when operating with battery, no condensation)
Storage temperature & humidity range-20ºC – 60ºC / Relative humidity 75% or less (no condensation)
Power sourceRechargeable Lead storage battery (12V)*
Charging time: approx. 8 hours / AC Power supply (100V – 240V, 50/60Hz)
* Continuous measuring time:
approx. 4 hours
(a load of 100MΩ at the Insulation resistance 12000V Range.)
approx. 2 hours
(Max current consumption in range while rated currents are maintained.)
Dimensions330 (L) × 410 (W) × 180 (D) mm *Instrument and Hard case
Weight9kg approx. (including battery) *Instrument and Hard case
Included Accessories7170 (Main cord), 7224A (Earth cord), 7225A (Guard cord), 7226A (Line probe),
7227A (Line probe with alligator clip), 8029 (Extension prod),
8212-USB-W (USB adaptor with KEW Windows (Software)),
Instruction manual
Optional Accessories7254 (Longer Line probe with alligator clip)

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