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KEW 3552 BT

  • World’s fastest measurement speed (0.5 sec.)
  • Six ranges available for insulation
  • resistance test (50/100/125/250/500/1000 V)
  • Insulation measurement up to 40GΩ
  • Diagnostic Insulation Test : PI, DAR KEW3551 : Standard model KEW3552 : With memory function KEW3552BT : With memory and Bluetooth communication functions

CE AutoDischarge KEW CONNECT

  • Backlight
  • AutoPowerOff
  • 50V
  • 100V
  • 125V
  • 250V
  • 500V
  • 1000V
  • Resistance
  • USB
  • Bluetooth




※Please contact us with inquiries about the purchase of 3552BT.

KEW Smart for KEW3552BT
Application for Android
Free Android software “KEW smart for KEW3552BT”is available on “Google Play Store”
Supporting Android ver.5.0 ~ 7.0
Application for iOS
Free iOS software “KEW smart for KEW3552BT”
is available on “APP Store”
Supporting iOS 10.0
Please search “KEW Smart”
Communication charge may be incurred separately to download application.

Insulation resistance

Measuring range
(Auto range)
Mid-scale value 2MΩ(50V)
First effective measuring range 0.100 ~ 10.00MΩ(50V)
0.100 ~ 20.00MΩ(100V)
0.100 ~ 25.00MΩ(125V)
0.100 ~ 50.0MΩ(250V)
0.100 ~ 500MΩ(500V)
0.100 ~ 1000MΩ(1000V)
Accuracy ±2%rdg ±2dgt
Second effective measuring ranges 0.050 ~ 0.099MΩ(50V/100V/125V/250V/500V/1000V)
10.01 ~ 100.0MΩ(50V)
20.01 ~ 200.0MΩ(100V)
25.01 ~ 250.0MΩ(1250V)
50.1 ~ 500MΩ(250V)
501 ~ 2000MΩ(500V)
1001 ~ 4000MΩ(1000V)
Accuracy ±5%rdg
Rated current 1.0 ~ 1.1mA
Output short circuit current 1.5mA max

Ω / Continuty

Auto range 40.00/400.0/4000Ω
Accuracy ±2.5%rdg ±8dgt
Output voltage on open circuit 5V(4~6.9V)
Output short circuit current 200mA max


Voltage range AC 2.0~600V(45~65Hz)
DC -2.0~-600V +2.0~+600V
Accuracy ±1%rdg ±4dgt


Applicable standards IEC61010 CATⅢ 600V/CAT IV 300V
IEC61557-1,2,4 IEC61326-1,-2-2 IEC60529(IP40)
Power source LR6/R6(AA)(1.5V)x4
communication interface USB , Bluetooth®4.0LE(Bluetooth®SMART)
Dimensions / Weight 97(L) x 156(W) x 46(D) mm / 490g approx(including battery)
Included Accessories 7260(Test leads with remote control switch)
7261A(Test leads with alligator clip)
8017A(Extension prod long)
9173(Carrying case)
9121(Shoulder strap)
Instruction manual
Optional Accessories 7243(L-shaped probe)
8016(Hook type prod)
8212-USB(USB adaptor with “KEW Report (software)” )

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