KEW 5515 – Infrared Thermometer

  • Safety with non-contact temperature measurements
    • Single laser allows more accurate measurements.
    • Back light display helps to read in a dark place.
    • Dual display: Main display shows the measured values and Sub display shows either of max, min, average or thermocouple value.
    • Alarm function: The upper and lower temperature limits can be set.
    • The red blinking back light indicates that the measured value is below or over the pre-set limits.
    • Temperature measurement with a K-type thermocouple is also possible.
    (K-type thermocouple is not supplied with the product.)
new new Auto Discharge


The connector for thermocouple is not insulated. Do not make measurement using a thermocouple when there is a risk of electrical shock hazard.

• Do not look directly into the laser.
• Do not point the laser directly at persons or animals.
• When measuring a reflective object such as mirrors, take extra caution so as not to look diffuse
• Keep out of reach of child or person who doesn’t have the Product handling knowledge.
• Use the Product only as specified. Do not disassemble or modify the Product.

Display features 
Relation of distance and measuring diameter
Display / Buttons
Infrared Thermometer
Measuring range-32 – 535ºC
Accuracy±3.0ºC (-32 – -20 ºC), ±2.0ºC (-20 – +100ºC), ±2%rdg (100 – 535ºC)
Measuring elementThermopile
Infrared spectral band5 – 14μm
Measuring diameter1000mm/ ø78mm (Distance/ Measuring dia.: 12:1)
RepeatabilityWithin ±1ºC
EmissivityVariable between 0.10 and 1.00 (by 0.01 steps), Before shipment: 0.95
CollimationLaser beam (Class 2, 630 – 670nm, 1mW or less) specifies the center.
Measuring range of 
-199 – 1372ºC
Accuracy of 
±1.5%rdg+1ºC (-40 – 1372ºC)
Auto power offIf no key is pressed for 6 seconds, the power is shut off automatically.
LCD displayLCD with back light (blinks in red when alarm function is activated)
Dual displaySimultaneous display
(Measured value and either of max, min, average or thermocouple value.)
Operating temperature & humidity0 – 50ºC/ 10 – 90% RH
Applicable standardsIEC 61326, IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-8, IEC60825-1
Battery6F22(9V) × 1
Dimension180 (L)×130 (W)×40 (D) mm
WeightApprox. 195g (excluding battery)
Accessories9152(Carrying case), 6F22(9V) × 1, Instruction manual

* Commercial K-type thermocouple can be used with the product.

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