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MODEL 2010

  • High sensitivity, miniature AC/DC clamp meter.
  • 0.1mA minimum resolution for AC current and 1mA minimum resolution for DC current.
  • Output terminal for recorder connection.
  • φ7.5
  • MAX20A
  • OutPut
  • External

Never make current measurement on a circuit above 60V AC/DC
as the instrument is designed for use on low voltage circuits only.

AC A 200mA/2/20A
±1%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz] (200mA)
±1.5%rdg±8dgt [40Hz – 2kHz] (200mA)
±1%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz] (2A)
±2.5%rdg±10dgt [40Hz – 2kHz] (2/20A)
DC A 2/20A
±1%rdg±2dgt (2A)
±1.5%rdg±4dgt (20A)
Conductor size Ø7.5mm max.
Frequency response DC, 40Hz – 2kHz
Output Recorder :
DC200mV against AC200mA/2/20A
DC200mV against DC2/20A
Power source 6LF22(9V) × 1 or AC Adaptor
Dimensions 142(L) × 64(W) × 26(D)mm
153(L) × 23(W) × 18(D)mm
Clamp Sensor
Weight 220g approx.
Included Accessories 9071 (Carrying Case)
Alkaline 6LF22 × 1
Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories 8022 (AC Adaptor) (110V)
8023 (AC Adaptor) (220V)
7256 (Output cord)

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uporn redrube fetishtube.cc tube8