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About us

Our Biggest Accolade is the Customer’s Smile

Kyoritsu KEW India Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative designer-developer-manufacturer-producer-seller of Electrical Measurement Equipment for quality-conscious companies around the world.

The company specializes in state-of-the-tech electrical measurement technology, and its diverse, user-friendly line of testers has significantly contributed to technological developments and industrial infrastructures worldwide.

Since its inception, customer satisfaction has been the core around which Kyoristu KEW India has driven its corporate progression – anticipating their emerging needs and expectations, innovating to meet their pre-emptively high-quality products and services

Over the years, this customer-oriented techno-innovativeness has led to the creation of one of the industry’s most imaginative lines of testing equipment, and a high index of customer satisfaction for Kyoritsu KEW.

This emphasis on customer satisfaction and support has also built the company a wide customer base, and a far-flung distributor network.

And now, as the 21st Century unfolds, Kyoritsu KEW is ready with new thinking, new techno-solutions, and new approaches to marketplaces worldwide. The only thing that remains old, but as strong as it ever was, is its commitment to the customer (end-user) experience.

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