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DEWE3-PA8 -Mixed Signal Power Analyser

DEWE3-PA8 -Mixed Signal Power Analyser


DEWETRON is an Austrian manufacturer of precision test and measurement systems designed to help customers make the world more predictable, efficient and safe. The strengths lie in customized solutions that are immediately ready for use while also being quickly adaptable to the changing needs of the test environment and sophisticated technology of the energy, automotive, transportation and aerospace industries. DEWE3-PA8 is the next generation of mixed signal power analyser from DEWETRON. It meets and exceeds today’s demands for reliable and precision analysis of electrical motors, inverters, complete electric/hybrid electric drive trains and other electrical components.


  • Multi power, up to 16 power channels
  • Polyphase, 1 to 9 phases per power system
  • 10 MS/s, 18-bit ADC
  • PXI Express Bus Technology
  • Lowest influence of Power Factor: 1% @ PF = 0.01
  • Measurement range 1000 V / 20 A (crest factor 2)
  • 11.6″ multi-touch screen
  • Mixed signal inputs (low voltage, digital, RPM, …)
  • Continuous waveform recording
  • Integrated redundant power supply for 8 CT’s
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