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KEW 4106 - Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester

KEW 4106 - Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester


• High test current up to 80mA yielding resolution of 0.001Ω on 2Ω range.
• Advanced Filtering method (based on FFT Fast Fourier Transform) reduces noise interference for obtaining stable measurements.
• Automatic and Manual selection of the Test Current Frequency in four bands (94/105/111/128Hz). In Automatic mode, KEW 4106 will select the most suitable Frequency.
• Several sub-results can be shown on the display: Resistance of the Auxiliary Earth Spikes, Frequency of Test Current, Voltage and Frequency of Interference (noise), Residual Resistance Rk, etc.
• Warning for excessive noise and high Auxiliary Earth Spikes resistance.
• Large Graphic Display with backlight for readings in poorly illuminated areas.
• Up to 800 measurement results can be saved in the memory and recalled on the display.
• The stored results can be transferred to a PC using the "KEW Report" software and a USB adaptor (Model 8212-USB) which are included.
• Robust design with IP54 protection.

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