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KEW 5515 - Infrared Thermometer

KEW 5515 - Infrared Thermometer


Safety with non-contact temperature measurements

• Single laser allows more accurate measurements.
• Back light display helps to read in a dark place.
• Dual display: Main display shows the measured values and Sub
   display shows either of max, min, average or thermocouple value.
• Alarm function: The upper and lower temperature limits can be set.
• The red blinking back light indicates that the measured value is
   below or over the pre-set limits.
• Temperature measurement with a K-type thermocouple is also
 (K-type thermocouple is not supplied with the product.)

* This tester can measure human skin (surface) temperature
    but isn’t suitable for body temperature measurement.



The connector for thermocouple is not insulated. Do not make measurement using a thermocouple when there is a risk of electrical shock hazard.


• Do not look directly into the laser.
• Do not point the laser directly at persons or animals.
• When measuring a reflective object such as mirrors, take extra caution so as not to look diffuse
• Keep out of reach of child or person who doesn’t have the Product handling knowledge.
• Use the Product only as specified. Do not disassemble or modify the Product.

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