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KEW 6010B - Multi Function Testers

KEW 6010B - Multi Function Testers


• Continuity:20/200Ω 200mA Test Current
• Insulation: 500/1000V, 20/200MΩ 1mA Rated Test Current
• Loop Impedance:20/2000Ω 15mA Test Current at 2000Ω (No RCD Trip)
• RCD:10/30/100/300/500mA x1/2, x1, Fast Trip(40ms), DC, Auto Ramp
• Test of a large kind of RCD's:Standard, Selective, AC and A(DC sensitive breakers)
• Uc(Contact Voltage): 100V
• Designed to IEC 61010-1, IEC 61557
• Data Memory:300 measured results
• The stored data can be transferred to PC via Optical Adaptor Model 8212-USB or 8212-RS232C.

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