KEW 8129

  • Ø150mm
    ■KEW8129-01 (for 1ch)  ■KEW8129-02 (for 2ch)  ■KEW8129-03 (for 3ch)
  • Flexible for various test fields
  • Can measure AC current up to 3000A
  • Flexible and light weight by the air core coil used at the sensor part
  • Measurable conductor size: max Φ150mm
  • Designed to meet the international safety standard IEC 61010-1 CAT III 600V


  • φ150
  • MAX3000A
Applicable model*5010 *5020 6305 6315

* When you use the sensors with KEW5010/5020, please check the “Applicable model list” to check if your KEW5010/5020 can be used with the sensors.

Conductor sizemax.Ø150mm
Rated current300/1000/3000A
Output voltage300A Range : AC500mV/AC300A (1.67mV/A)
1000A Range : AC500mV/AC1000A (0.5mV/A)
3000A Range : AC500mV/AC3000A (0.167mV/A)
Accuracy±1.0%rdg (45 – 65Hz)
Phase shiftwithin ±1°
Cable lengthSensor part : approx. 2m
Output cable : approx. 1m
Output connectorMINI DIN 6PIN
Output impedance100Ω or less
Applicable standardsIEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032 CAT III 600V Pollution degree2,
IEC 61326
Operating temperature & humidity range0 – 50ºC, relative humidity 85% or less (no condensation)
Dimensions111(L) x 61(W) x 43(D) mm (except for protrusions)
Weight8129-01 (for 1ch) Approx. 410g
8129-02 (for 2ch) Approx. 680g
8129-03 (for 3ch) Approx. 950g
Included Accessories8129-01 (for 1ch) Instruction Manual, 7199 (Output Cable) x1, 9137 (Carrying Case)
8129-02 (for 2ch) Instruction Manual, 7199 (Output Cable) x2, 9137 (Carrying Case)
8129-03 (for 3ch)Instruction Manual, 7199 (Output Cable) x3, 9137 (Carrying Case)

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