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Infrared Thermometer MODEL 5510

  • Waterproof hand-held Infrared Thermometer.
  • Safe even if getting wet. Dustproof and waterproof structure of IP67.
  • Possible to wash
  • Please feel secure to use the product on the spot, made from ABS resin of antibacterial specification.
  • Shock-proof structure: No damage even if dropped from the height of 1m.
  • With auto-power-off function, preventing consumption of the battery
  • Wide Temperature Range of -40ºC to 300ºC
  • Small and light: Possible to measure easily by one hand.
  • Portable type: Convenient to carry


Relation of Distance and Measuring Diameter

Measuring Range-40ºC – 300ºC
Display Resolution0.5ºC . 1ºC for below -20ºC and over 100ºC
Measuring AccuracyWhen the ambient temperature is 25 ±2ºC and the emissivity (ε) is 1,
0 – 300ºC:bigger value of either of ±1% of the
measured value ±1dgt or ±2ºC ±1dgt.
0 – -30ºC:±3ºC ±1dgt
below -30ºC:±5ºC ±1dgt
Repeatabilitywithin 1ºC ±1dgt
Response1 sec (90% response)
Measuring Diameter(45mm/500mm(Optical sensitivity: 90%)
CollimationBefore shipment: 0.95. The value can be altered between 0.8and 1.0 with the slide switch at the lower part of the battery compartment (by 0.05 steps).
Laser beam (650nm 1mW JIS class2) specifies the center.
Water-Proof PropertyIP67
Auto Power OffIf no key is pressed for 30 seconds, the power is shut off automatically.
Shock Proof PropertyThis instrument or its function/performance will not be damaged even if it is dropped on the p tile floor from 1 meter high.
Operating Temperature0 – 50ºC
Operating Humidity90% rH and below (no condensation)
Storage Temperature-20 – 55ºC (no condensation)
(Note): In the case of longterm storage, the batteries should be removed.
Battery2 AAA alkaline cell batteries
Battery LifeApproximately 10 hours for continuous use
Housing materialABS (antibacterial)
Dimension120 × 60 × 54mm (Maximum value for each direction)
Weight123g approx.
Accessories2 AAA Alkaline Cell Batteries
Instruction Manual
Approved StandardCE marking: EMI EN61326 Class B, EMS EN61326 Annex C
Stability:±5ºC under EMC test environment at 25ºC


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