model 8008

  • Adaptor designed to increase the measuring capability of your clamp meters.
  • With the use of the multi-tran you can not only extend current ranges but also on a conductor of larger diameter.


  • φ100
  • MAX3000A
  • ACA
How to use

Clamp your instrument around the pick-up coil of the multi-tran.
Then, clamp the transformer jaws of the multi-tran on the conductor, as shown below.
Multiply the reading of your clamp meter by 10 to obtain the current value measured

Measuring range0 – 3000A AC
Ratio/Range10 : 1 (input to output)
Accuracy±2% of input±0.5A
Allowable measurement time0 – 1000A (continuous),
1000 – 1500A (10 minutes max.)
3000A (30 seconds max.)
Conductor sizeØ100mm max.(100 × 150mm)
Frequency response50Hz/60Hz
Safety StandardIEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V Pollution Degree 2
Dimensions317(L) × 150(W) × 30(D)mm
45(L) × 40(W) × 10(D)mm Output coil
Weight750g approx.
Included Accessories9056(Carrying Case)

* These Multi-Trans can not be used for leakage current measurement.

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